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H2H Equipment & Supplies

H2H Equipment & Supplies

As with most horse people, we all develop our own preference with certain tools and aids.  Over the years, I have created my own, and have found them to be universal with all horses I come into contact with.

($40) H2H Custom Rope Halters are made hardware free.  Especially since these halters are ultimately used for training exercises, I want to lessen the chances for my horse to experience any trauma or discomfort.  Having metal clips or rings are not only dangerous for each horse going through specific H2H exercises, but are also potential danger for my own fingers and face!  Even in the most calm of circumstances, things CAN and DO happen, and I prefer to keep the possibility of injuries from the metal out of my training equations!  The leads are made long enough to aid in ground work and bitless riding(reins).  If you have a desired length, I am happy to take requests!  On average the leads are measured at 15feet.

I also love the feel of this rope, smooth and with just enough weight to provide a quick response and aid in my timing of the give and take process both on the ground and in the saddle.


($40) Full Cheek Snaffle is the only bit that is used throughout the foundation program(typically 3 months or 90 days), and continued as necessary, per the horse’s learning abilities.  This is a great bit for giving clear, fully supported signals, especially for young horses being introduced to the bit for the first time.  All horses are refined enough to transfer from the bit to a bitless bridle or halter, but in the formative stages, the repetition is too much for a bitless bridle. The bit is naturally lubricated by the horse’s saliva, where the bitless bridle or halter may cause rub spots during the learning stages.  While it is not required that a horse go through the foundation process with a bit, I do like for a horse to have the experience of both bit and bitless cues.


($65-95) H2H Customized Reins can be made to your preferred length. I currently have two different diameters. The black is thicker and slightly heavier. Both are made from sailing rope.  These reins are continuous reins(not split) to support the exercises used in the program. I also offer a mecate’ style rein which is great for quick transitioning from saddle to ground skills or vice versa.

Custom lengths welcome…Please advise when making your order. Prices are dependent on length and style.12347900_10208127434172110_56005723567277601_n







To order, call 5092600385, or email


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