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Horse2Human®, a Registered Trademark.



The concept behind Horse2Human®, and it’s logo:

In researching the name for my business and developing my logo, I was looking for something that would be representative of how I perceived and embraced the relationship with a horse.  In addition, to furthermore accentuate a visual of how each relationship is generally formed.

The foundation of my program is firmly based on a routine that is developed from a series of different exercises.  These exercises as a whole help me to first evaluate the horse when I first come into contact with them.  Then I am able to customize a beginning routine that I can build onto as we move along in their development.  These exercises give me an overall advantage to evaluate the horse’s physical, mental and emotional abilities.  Both from contact as well as through body language.  Two very important tools of communication, one supporting the other and both must be used very conscientiously.

Horse2Human is what it states.  A state of developing an understanding of each other languages; horse language to human language and human language to horse language.  In a continued repetition, in it’s circular representation in the logo…horse2human2horse2human…etc, it represents the constant state of communicating back and forth.  Not forcing one language or the other; rather combining the two languages into one language that works for both.

In addition, I believe that learning anything, whether horse or human, that we are constantly adding layers to what we already know, until we die.  Refining, adding, re-conditioning(bad habits), always working towards new, easier, better ways of communicating, making the relationship closer and more enjoyable each step of the way.  Building layer by layer, and sometimes revisiting old layers to help refine new layers.


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