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H2H Foundation Training Video Clip

A short video clip(4minutes) demonstrating various exercises included in the main phases of starting or re-starting a horse.  These exercises also help to create a more refined human, learning the intricacies of the body language and movements that build the horse2human language.  All horses advance at their own rate depending on current skills, previous experiences as well as any issues that have developed previously.

Most of this work shown below is covered in the 3 month minimum Foundation Course.  Please keep in mind that if your horse is coming in for any problem solving, they will likely require more than 3 months to accomplish your goals.


The program is heavily discounted when the commitment is 3 months or more, in order to encourage students to dedicate themselves to their goals and the program’s expectations.



Toblee calmly exploring the water

Toblee calmly exploring the water

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