Private Training

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There are also upcoming clinics and other events available to get you on track with your horse.


& Other Services

H2H Full Time Training: The monthly training programs listed below are based on a 5-day per week schedule in a 1 month period.  Session length will vary depending on the intended goal or exercise, as well as the horse’s physical and mental/emotional stamina.  Observation and hands on lessons by the owner is strongly encouraged and there is no additional cost!  Take advantage of this opportunity while your horse is in training, or you may go home and find yourself right back where you started.  Your participation in the horse’s training is 50% of the equation for success with your horse (and other horses) going forward.  Training the horse into new habits involves changing the patterns or habits within the intended horse2human relationship.  Some may be a quick fix, while others need a lot of time and committed consistency in order to have lasting effects.

Observation sessions can be applied either in person(scheduled in advance)or by video updates…  Currently, videos are processed once a week and either posted via YouTube or sent by mail on a DVD.

Here are some clips from horses going through their initial 3-month H2H course:

3-Month H2H Course

Foundation Training or Re-Starting

NEW STUDENTS, Full Time Training

For horses that are just getting started or need to be re-started or re-conditioned because of certain problems that have developed.

All NEW horse students must commit to the 3-month course, unless otherwise discussed with Shannon.  Thereafter, receiving the discounted training fee for advancement or continued education(see monthly training below).


($700 Full Time Training / $400 Full Care Board; Discounted board rate, normally $450 Full Care)

This includes:

5 days/wk for your horse per month

  • Unlimited Observation
  • Hands-on training for the human during the time the horse is being trained. Please schedule these sessions in advance.  It is recommended that you schedule no less than 2 sessions per week while the horse is in training.  
  • Includes entry into any H2H clinics or workshops while the horse is in training

Observation can be key to the success of your hands-on sessions. It is recommended that you plan to schedule at least 2 days a week for your observation and/or your own intensive process through the H2H program.

Long Distance: For those that are traveling distances, or are limited to regular visits, the structure of the program will include regular DVDs to help you follow along in your horse’s progress.  If you are unable to be present for the duration of the horse’s training, please inquire about our online training program. However, you will be required to obtain no less than 4 hours of hands-on instruction before the horse leaves the program.

Monthly Review or Advancement:

$900/month, Includes Full Time Training and Full Care Boarding

For return H2H program graduates only.  For all of those horse and human combinations that have completed the initial H2H 3-month course(described above).  This monthly review is used for refreshing any stale relationships, or to advance to the next level of training or specified goal; training is discounted to $900 after the initial 3-months have been completed, and is continued on a month to month basis.  Very common for review in the Spring!

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Boarding/General Care During Training:

Full time training also includes full-care boarding at a discounted rate  of $400 (standard full care rate is $450) which provides quality hay (alfalfa and/or grass, timothy) 2-3 times per day depending on the needs of each individual horse.

In addition, Dynamite(or your preferred) supplements are strongly recommended to help support the overall physical and mental demands of this program.  Dynamite feed supplements are offered at an extra $40 per month.

You can expect your horse to receive the utmost in care including daily grooming and/or bathing and turnout.

Healthcare (vet/farrier/chiropractic) services are available, fees not included, and will be billed accordingly.

Winter Boarding:  It is strongly recommended that your horse have a waterproof sheet or blanket for the winter months (typically November – February).  This can help to protect your horse from extreme weather conditions.  You can bring your own blanket or we can provide one at $15/month.

For more info about the boarding facility, please click here: Dragonwood Equine Facility


Additional Services

Private Lessons:

H2H Horses are also available for use in your lessons; Using a trained horse will help to accelerate your progress in the program.

Group Lessons:

$40/person, up to 4 people per group, Group sessions typically run 2 hours.

Please contact me if you have a larger group and we can discuss a customized plan.


Clinics can be scheduled privately at your facility or ours per availability.  Proof of Insurance Certificates available for off-facility events.

Fees are based on a $75/person rate for a full clinic day, typically 9am – 5pm with up to a 1.5 hour lunch period.

Clinics can focus on specific topics or we can customize a plan for your group as needed.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a private clinic. 

Lesson Packages $450 (save $50)
10-Lesson Package, Buy 9 Lessons – Get the 10th Lesson FREE when you pay up front for a package of lessons.

***Non-refundable once you commit to a package.  Credit can go towards training or other services.

Evaluations $75

Includes written documentation, and DVD recording for further personal evaluation or for the use of a sale prospect.
Evaluations can be performed off site, standard rates apply, plus possible travel costs. If you are considering training at this time, but would like to have the evaluation done before making a final decision, the evaluation fee will be voided if you decide to immediately engage in training following the evaluation.  Please make this declaration at the time of scheduling your horse for an evaluation so that we can make the process as smooth as possible for both the trainer and the horse.


$1/mile based on Round Trip mileage(for fuel and wear/tear of vehicle) + $35/hour travel time
For horses coming in for Training or Boarding, charges will only include mileage costs.

Trailer Training

Based on travel fees above: $1/mile round trip, plus $35 per hour, up to 2 hour sessions…
Sessions will not exceed 2 hours, and can sometimes require 2-3 sessions depending on the recovery needs of the horse.
Some horses require a complete re-booting of trailer etiquette.   If you feel that your horse has a severe trailer issue, please contact me to discuss a customized plan for your horse’s recovery.

Extreme cases can sometimes require further extensive training to help support the conditioning or emotional re-habilitation of loading AND unloading safely and consistently. In addition, a very important part of the trailer training or re-conditioning is the Human. The owner must learn the steps first by observation of their horses progress, and then by hands on practice with guidance and help from the trainer.

***If your horse is displaying extreme emotion when it comes to trailering… such as pulling back, running out the trailer backwards, or showing extreme emotional behavior changes when it comes to trailer loading or unloading, or general trailer travel…please contact me before attempting anything on your own.  The more the horse experiences stress or trauma related to the trailer, the worse he will get and this can many times escalate to very dangerous and sometimes permanent behavior/habits. It is NOT worth getting you or your horse hurt!

To schedule services, please contact us directly: