Private Training


H2H Full Time Training: The monthly training programs are based on a 5-day per week schedule in a 1 month period.  Session length will vary depending on the intended goal or exercise, as well as the horse’s physical and mental/emotional stamina.  Observation by the owner is strongly encouraged!  Your participation in the horse’s training is 50% of the equation for success going forward.  Observation sessions can be applied either in person(scheduled in advance)or by video updates…  Currently, videos are processed once a week and either posted via YouTube or sent by mail on a DVD.

3-Month Foundation or ReStart Program 

$1100/month Includes Full Time Training and Full Care Boarding

For horses that are just getting started or need to be re-started or re-conditioned because of certain problems that have developed.  All NEW horse students must commit to the 3-month course.  Thereafter, receiving the discounted training fee for advancement or continued education.

Monthly Review or Advancement Course:

$900/month, Includes Full Time Training and Full Care Boarding

For return H2H program graduates only.  For all of those horse and human combinations that have completed the initial H2H 3-month course.  This monthly review is used for refreshing any stale relationships, or to advance to the next level of training or specified goal; training is discounted after the initial 3-months, and is continued on a month to month basis.  Very common for reviewing in the spring!

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$50/person Sessions are approximately 1 hour+.

Lesson horses are available per request.


Lesson Package:

Buy 9, get one free $450 No expiration


Group Lesson:

$40/person, up to 4 people per group, Group sessions typically run 2 hours.

Please contact me if you have a larger group and we can discuss a customized plan.



Clinics can be scheduled privately for your facility or ours per availability.  Insurance certificates available for off-facility events.

Fees are based on a $75/person rate for a full clinic day, typically 9am – 5pm with a 1.5 hour lunch period.  Clinics can focus on specific topics or we can customize a plan for your group as needed.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a private clinic.